When I say that I work for "Network Services", what does that mean? I always say that I run around and fix network jacks, but there is so much more to it than that. Therefore, I'll give a brief rundown of what I on a day to day basis.

Work starts at 8:00am, which means everyone meets in the office to coordinate what we are doing that day. We go through the TigerTracks online ticketing system that CCIT uses (one of the few universal and well documented IT systems on campus), and pick a couple tickets to take on in the morning. This particular day we decided to finish a new switch install in Benet, along with installing new wireless access points in the football stadium. You know how they know scan your Clemson football ticket before letting you into the stadium? We installed the wireless access points that makes that system work!

Around 9AM we head to the football stadium to install new Cisco WAPs. I personally love working in the football stadium, as there are so many hidden "behind the scenes" places that I get to explore. The first of these places is the "Crows Nest", which is a hidden network closet above one of the many merchandise shops.

The picture on the left shows the fiber panel in the Crows Nest itself, while the right picture shows the view from the Crows Nest. Once we were done at the stadium, we turned our attention to a new switch install in Benet Hall, a freshman dorm. There, it becomes apparent the hardest part of our jobs is not configuring Cisco gear, it is dealing with wires. One of the uplinks from the switch on the first floor to the "DL", or router, on the second floor, was dead. My shift ended before I saw the resolution to the problem, but it was eventually solved. Here is a picture of the first floor data closet in Benet where we were working: Now that school has started, and I have figured out my schedule and classes, I will be posting more regularly. I am also purchasing a new Cisco lab setup for my dorm - so stay tuned to how that turns out!